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Can Jewellery Help Anxiety?

Can Jewellery Help Anxiety?
While jewellery will never be a cure for anxiety, it can help you in stressful or new situations. While the main benefit of anxiety jewellery is to help calm and ground you during moments of stress, it can provide comfort in other ways too. Research has found that for many people, wearing the jewellery brings a level of comfort, simply by knowing it's there.
Worrying about a big work presentation, having to go into a situation that you know you won't find comfortable or even worrying during pregnancy; these are just a few examples of when anxiety can occur. We are all unique in our own way, but a recent study found that 1 in 5 adults suffer with anxiety at least once a week. Remember you are not alone in feeling anxious and looking for something to help you cope is nothing to be ashamed about.
So can jewellery really help with your anxiety? Whether you're wearing a ring with spinners, a ring with a band that moves or a necklace or bracelet with moveable parts, it's the movement between your finger and thumb that acts a self-soother.
There are many different styles and options out there to choose from, so find a piece that resonates with you and suits your personality, this will help you feel comfortable while wearing it. It's the same as choosing an outfit, you feel far happier wearing something that suits you!
How does jewellery help anxiety? Having a moveable part, whether it be beads or spinning parts, to be able to play with it can give you something to concentrate on and take your mind away from what is making you feel anxious. Anything you can do to distract yourself from what makes you feel anxious helps. It is known as a grounding technique, meaning you redirect your thoughts.
Anxiety comes in many forms and different levels. Anxiety jewellery can help you re-centre and reduce your stress levels at times, but we do ask you to remember, it is not a cure and other forms of treatment maybe necessary. 
Here are a few other ways known to help with anxiety, but by no means the only effective methods:
  • Meditation
  • Exercise
  • Deep breathing
  • A support system
  • Self care

So remember jewellery can help anxiety but is not a cure. It can help you stay incognito, nobody will realise that your playing with the jewellery, let alone grounding yourself. They are excellent for professional and personal situations as a discreet tool to help you stay calm or to assist in calming you down.

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