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Is Sterling Silver Jewellery Big In 2023?

Is Sterling Silver Jewellery Big In 2023?
Gold has had it's turn, it's time for silver to shine in 2023. Sterling silver is superior this year and it's coming in all shapes and sizes. Big is beautiful for 2023 and jewellery is no exception, with the return of big hoops, sculptural pieces and the colourful textures of Boho. Pearls also make a return, from larger statement pieces to more day to day manageable sizes, they are back and we love them! Sterling Silver is back, so switch out those go-to gold pieces and get yourself some cool silver staple pieces, that will always stand the test of time. 
Over-sized & Sculptural Earrings.
Why not make your hoops distorted or your drops like a little piece of sculpture. This year is about making your earrings a talking point, especially for nights out or when you're feeling especially bold. You can always scale them down for during the day, while still looking on trend. Take a look at our 'Distorted Hoops" or the very different "Helix" earrings to enhance your hoops, or try our "Link" earrings for a sculptural piece.
Boho Is Back
Remember the feathers and frills of the 90's? Well we're not quite going there again, but the essence of Boho, the more elegant part shall we say, is back and we're so excited. The dangly earrings and splashes of colour are back, and the contrast against sterling silver is a real winner. Good news too, they transition so well from day to night. Our sterling silver "Leaf" earrings work perfectly day and night.
Pearls Pearls Pearls
Pearls are timeless and will always be a classic look, but for 2023 they're back with a more modern edge. Think earrings with different sized pearls or chunkier sterling silver pieces with pearls to elevate your look. Whether you go big or small, pearls will never let you down. Take a look at our "Double Pearl" earrings, they're just what you need!
Flower Power 
Flowers are always a mood lifter, and sterling silver flowers are no exception. Try wearing a flower necklace with a splash of colour or a sculptural floral bracelet to make a statement, it's never a bad idea. Flowers are fun, so experiment and be creative this year, you won't regret it! Team our "Blue Daisy" necklace with the "Daisy" bracelet and feel the power of flower!
One Bangle, Two Bangles, Three Bangles More
Sterling silver bangles, from subtle and thin to big and bold, are a real must for 2023. Stack them, mixing styles to create your own identity or simply wearing one, either way, it will add the perfect touch to your wrist. Mix nature with our "Twisted Vine" and "Bamboo" bangles. Just one idea, but you can get creative and be unique.

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