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Eco-friendly Packaging

Eco-friendly Packaging
Eco-friendly packaging is usually made from biodegradable, recycled materials which helps reduce the use of natural resources in the production process. In addition, the manufacturing process is far more efficient, further reducing resources, thus limiting the negative impact businesses have on the environment.
The Environmental benefits of using eco-friendly and recyclable packaging:
Reduces Carbon Footprint
If packaging is made from recycled material, the carbon footprint of your packaging will be far smaller. In addition, if your packaging is made from natural sustainable such as FSC-approved paper or cardboard, the growth of such products actually draws carbon out of the environment.
If the packaging is made from natural materials, like our lovely brown boxes, it means it is biodegradable. Plastics are not easily biodegraded and can take hundreds if not thousands of years to break down. At My Charming Me, we are working on reducing our plastic use year on year and always looking for eco-friendly alternative options.
With most businesses and local councils now having dedicated recycling centres, it has never been easier to recycle your unwanted packaging. With this in mind, it has never been more important to choose products packaged with eco-friendly materials. 
No Harmful Toxins
The use of non-sustainable resources, such as crude oil, in the creation of plastic packaging is incredibly harmful to the environment, from it's extraction all the way through to its disposal. Eco-friendly packaging has none of these issues over its lifespan. 
Easily Re-used
Part of what makes packaging eco-friendly is the fact it can be reused. Encouraging people to reuse packaging instead of throwing it away, means its lifespan is extended, meaning there is less demand for new materials and thus further reducing the packaging carbon footprint.
At My Charming Me, we are dedicated to reducing our carbon footprint, reducing our need for plastic and increasing our use of eco-friendly packaging.

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